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Frequently asked questions about innovation districts
Why partner with Pacific Partners?

Pacific Partners is uniquely positioned to transform innovation districts into thriving hubs of economic and technological growth. Our diverse leadership, comprehensive solutions, and proven expertise set us apart from the competition. With our deep understanding of the innovation ecosystem and our strategic approach to cohort development, we create environments that attract and retain the brightest minds and the most innovative companies. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your innovation district and drive sustained success.

What is an innovation district?

Innovation districts are clusters of high-tech companies and research institutions strategically developed to create a robust foundation for investment and industry growth. By combining programming and infrastructure with a collaborative ecosystem of innovative ventures, these districts become powerful engines of economic development, attracting  talent and fostering sustainable growth.

How do I start an innovation district?

It is essential to leverage the strengths of both public and private sectors. Public sector entities provide foundational support in urban planning and policy formulation but often lack the resources and expertise to fully develop these districts. This gap highlights the crucial role of private real estate and industry partners like Pacific Partners, who bring in the necessary investment, expertise, and infrastructure development to transform these districts into thriving innovation ecosystems.

Why public-private partnerships?  

In order to achieve the development of successful and lasting innovation districts, leveraging the strengths of both public and private sectors is essential. Historically, a disconnection between these sectors has often left the public sector lagging in efficiency and innovation. Public entities provide foundational support in planning and policy but frequently lack the resources and expertise for full-scale development.

When to start an innovation district?

Before development. Our approach emphasizes pre-development value creation, which mitigates risks and enhances the attractiveness of our projects. By planning strategically, we ensure that our projects are not speculative but are designed to meet the needs of the most innovative minds and businesses. This method guarantees that development is efficient and effective, setting a high standard for innovation districts everywhere.