Pacific Partners specializes in creating public-private partnerships and infrastructure to advance biosciences and sustainable technologies.

We de-risk innovation district investment and design the environment to optimize the implementation of new technologies for global competition.

Innovation District Partnership Overview





Innovation starts the journey.

Investment scales it.

Why we started Pacific Partners

At Pacific Partners, we understand that emerging communities have the opportunity to become global leaders in innovation, and we’re willing to make long-term investments to ensure their success. That is why we develop innovation districts as the economic engine to fuel that growth.

The technology to address our society's current challenges must have faster timelines. Pacific Partners builds the foundation to accelerate science and incentivize implementation in clean technologies and life sciences.

Innovation districts are for communities committed to making a global impact. There are different stages of innovation, and a successful strategy will provide economic returns while advancing global innovation.
Global innovation districts and growing
Trillion of federal funding towards innovation over the next ten years

We build the foundation for innovation

Equipping communities with the capacities they need to grow into global leaders

Strategic Positioning

Implementing strategies to align stakeholders through identifying opportunities and defining a vision

Master Planning

Programming and colocation infrastructure design to optimize commercialization capabilities for industry growth

Global Connectivity

Partnering with industry, academics, and government leaders to expand markets
Innovative city design with reflective glass towers and lush landscaping, promoting an eco-urban lifestyle
Innovation districts restructure markets to reflect the current state of technology.

A few project examples we are proud of

Uniting talent

to better the world