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We are committed to partnering with industry leaders, universities, and government to accelerate sustainability and biosciences
Billion US R&D spending in 2022
US R&D expenditures went towards biosciences
US rank in Global Innovation Index 2023
of the most innovative companies have well-defined innovation strategies


Founding year
We started Pacific Partners to bridge the critical gaps in infrastructure and investment that hinder the pace of discovery and new technology implementation


Innovation Partners
We identified and vetted over 25 partners qualified and committed to supporting the next wave of innovation


We are working with over five industries and growing to connect the worlds best talent and opportunities


Powerful mission
To develop innovation districts that accelerate impactful technologies and strengthen communities

Highly skilled team to help you achieve dreams

Managing Partner

Maria Lindberg

Maria brings 25+ years of experience in real estate sales, development, and investment, focusing on adaptive reuse and sustainable building practices. With a BA in International Relations and an M.Ed. in Education, Maria has worked internationally as a professor and implemented workforce and inclusion programs for the government. Her blend of academic, government, and business experience makes her exceptionally qualified to lead public-private partnerships. Maria’s strategic insight is vital to innovation districts in programming and infrastructure, driving technological progress and fostering sustainable community growth.
Vice President

Michael Lindberg

Michael combines his background in molecular biology and real estate to drive the growth of innovation districts. Having started and scaled science labs, he understands what it takes to drive successful research and development. In 2022, Michael was selected for the Washington Department of Commerce's Innovation Cluster Accelerator Program (ICAP Launch) to grow Seattle's science and technology hub. He continues his work in communities both nationally and internationally.
Innovation Researcher

Carissa Pascual

Carissa brings extensive experience in Real Estate and Market Research to drive innovation research and development. Her exposure to international real estate markets has honed her ability to collaborate with diverse teams, efficiently managing and launching high-quality projects. With a strong background in research and analysis, she is dedicated to leveraging her insights to advance strategic innovation district development and help create new opportunities for communities around the world.
Innovation Analyst

Gus Emminger

Gus leverages his in-depth knowledge of Real Estate and Business Administration to create collaborative spaces that accelerate scientific advancements. He is dedicated to supplying the science sector with the infrastructure needed to enhance humanity and drive sustainable growth, ensuring that innovation districts remain at the forefront of global scientific and technological progress.
We are committed to pioneering new ideas and challenging the status quo in technology and economic development.
We stress the importance of global partnerships and shared insights for amplified innovation.
We take a strategic approach to every project, carefully planning and executing each step to ensure optimal results.
We are dedicated to creating environmentally responsible and economically viable developments.
We are driven by a sense of purpose, committed to making a positive difference through our projects