Mass Timber

Build Sustainably

Elevating community and environmental health through sustainable mass timber design solutions.
Aerial view showing the scale of a logging project in a forest with clear-cut areas and timber processing machinery.Group of diverse professionals discussing projects in an office with elegant wooden interiors.Enchanting view of sun rays shining through a dense pine forest, emphasizing the depth and tranquility of the woods
An 18 story mass timber building is equal to taking 2,350 cars off the road
billion dollar market value by 2033
weeks cut on construction time
compound annual growth rate

Reduce carbon footprint

Employing mass timber significantly cuts carbon emissions, as exemplified by its ability to absorb and store about 3,150 tons of carbon in a 20-story building. This not only surpasses traditional materials in carbon efficiency but also enhances the ecological appeal through lower emission production processes. Opting for mass timber translates into a substantial stride towards more sustainable construction practices.
Pacific Partners with key stakeholders overseeing the progress of a mass timber building project in a scenic area.
Modern mass timber building with large glass facades and rooftop greenery, showcasing sustainable architecture in an urban setting.

Enhance construction efficiency & flexibility

Mass timber's lightweight nature reduces foundational needs, expediting construction timelines and potentially lowering costs. Its inherent flexibility facilitates swift on-site adjustments to meet various design requirements, while its prefabrication speeds up assembly. These attributes make mass timber an efficient and adaptable choice for modern building needs.

Promote waste reduction & forest health

Mass timber offers an innovative use for lower-quality wood and timber compromised by natural disturbances, converting what would be waste into valuable, sustainable building materials. This practice not only supports forest health by managing surplus and distressed wood but also promotes overall environmental sustainability. The strategic use of mass timber in construction projects represents a crucial step in reducing waste and enhancing ecosystem health.
Sustainable forestry practices in action with workers handling logs in a verdant, moss-laden forest setting.

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